• Termite Control

    • What are termites?
      Termites are not considered a threat to humans because they pose no significant health hazards, so in that sense, they are not dangerous. However, termites are extremely dangerous to your property because they consume wood. This can seriously weaken its structural integrity over time and cost thousands of dollars to repair.
    • How do I know if I have termites?

      If you have a termite infestation, some of the signs you might notice include:

      • Pinholes in drywall
      • Termite sawdust
      • Mud tubes around your foundation
      • Scratching sounds inside your walls
      • Windows and doors that don't open
      • Swarms of flying termites, which are reproductive adults

      You might also start seeing more significant termite damage, and this is a sign that the infestation has been going on for a long time.

    • Can I get rid of termites on my own?
      Termite removal is generally not something that homeowners can accomplish on their own. Termite colonies are vast and complex entities that require specialized techniques and equipment to eradicate. Most of the time, homeowners with store-bought termite control products will accomplish little more than temporarily reducing the numbers of the termite colony, and these numbers will eventually bounce back. This is why professional termite control is the way to go for these pesky pests.
  • Mosquito Control

    • Are mosquitoes dangerous?

      Mosquitoes can be extremely dangerous, thanks to the viruses carried by mosquitoes. Here in the United States, we have to worry about viruses like:

      • West Nile virus
      • Zika virus
      • Chikungunya
      • Eastern equine encephalitis
      • La Crosse encephalitis

      Many of these diseases, while rare, have dangerous symptoms that can lead to severe illness, hospitalization, and even death. This is why it’s vital to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. It’s rare to contract an infection from mosquitoes in the U.S., but it can and does happen, and when it does, it can be serious.

    • How can I keep mosquitoes away?
      The best thing you can do to control mosquito numbers on your own is to remove all the places where they can breed on your property. This means getting rid of all standing water. Kiddie pools, birdbaths, and any other receptacle that can hold water should be addressed. If you cannot remove the stagnant water, such as with pet bowls, change it every other day. You can also try planting herbs and flowers that deter mosquitoes, such as lavender, mint, and basil.
    • What do I do if I get a mosquito infestation?
      Since mosquitoes are not always deterred by these plants and have plenty of breeding spots not on your property, you may find even these measures fail if not supplemented by professional ones. That means the best thing you can do if even your best mosquito prevention efforts fail is to call the professionals here at Pest and Wildlife Solvers
  • Damage Repair

    • Can a regular contractor repair pest damage?
      Regular contractors can perform things like wood repair and insulation installation, of course. But it’s better to have pest control experts — especially pest control experts who helped clear your home of the original infestation — help you with repairs because we are more familiar with the damage pests cause and where it typically is than general contractors.
    • How do I know if I need damage repair?
      The best way you can tell if you need damage repair is to have your home assessed after you eliminate certain types of infestations. Pest damage is typically behind walls and above ceilings, so it’s not always evident without an inspection. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a damage assessment done after termite, rodent, and other potentially destructive infestations.
    • What does damage repair entail?
      When Pest and Wildlife Solvers come out to your house, we’ll assess the entire structure for evidence of termite or rodent damage. Then, we’ll perform the needed services based on our findings. Whether you need wood repair, installation services, or exclusion, you won’t have to worry about a thing.